Breaking up movements within the forms

The movements you can already see in the first videos and the ones you will be seeing in the coming videos of this series about the internal aspects of the first three Wing Chun forms on my YouTube channel, are not the complete movements from the Siu Nim Tau (小念頭). I take movements from the different sections of the Siu Nim Tau and break them up into tiny bits. This way it is much easier to see how you can take a step by step approach to come to grips with the internal aspects of the Siu Nim Tau.

After you feel that you got a better grasp of the overall connectedness within one of those bits, you do the whole section of the Siu Nim Tau it belongs to. Then you observe whether you can import the feeling that you have just developed within a mini movement into a more complex set of movements. It is a back and forth between these bits and the whole section, or even the complete form. The Siu Nim Tau is way too complex to get something meaningful out of it by only repeating it as a whole over and over again.