Working with emptiness

Working with 無 emptiness

In the external movement traditions, you work with muscle buildup. In the internal movement traditions following the philosophy of the Daodejing, you work with all of the empty spaces within your body, connecting them with everything around and within yourself.

You activate and interconnect the pulsing potential within all of the cavities in the body. This is how the energy and the springiness typical for the Daoist internal traditions unfold, and this way you also have a different kind of resonating chambers when you literally “tap” the energy of the earth.

Gradually getting rid of superfluous tension within our body through our daily practice, transforms condensed and contorted “presence” (有 / 有為) into “fertile soil” for body and mind again and opens up spaces (無 / 無為) to move in “new” ways. Opening up spaces means creating emptiness that allows us to move more freely again. Doing this all over the body, we start to build up “new” infrastructures that can be constructively used for all kinds of energies to travel within.