Yangsheng – nourishing life 養生

Before I go into this blog post’s actual topic I would like to say something about my blog posts in general: Many among the readers who have been following me for some time, might already be familiar with many of the Daoist concepts I am writing about. On the other hand, it seems that many things need to be heard at least a „thousand times“ before one can actually listen to them for the first time. You might have experienced this yourself, but it is also an important insight for one’s own teaching.

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„The Healing Aspects of Wing Chun“ – paper published in the Journal of Martial Arts Research

Now there is also an updated English translation of „The Healing Aspects of Wing Chun – An initial discussion of the Siu Nim Tau, the first form of Wing Chun“, a paper that was originally published in German. From this page of the Journal of Martial Arts Research (JOMAR) you can now download the German as well as the English version of this paper: https://ojs.uni-bayreuth.de/index.php/jomar/article/view/133